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    CIC is committed to being a prudent, professional and responsible institutional investor operating globally with good reputation. Four principles underlie our investment activities:

    We invest on a commercial basis. Our objective is to seek maximum returns for our shareholder within acceptable risk tolerance.

    We are a financial investor and do not seek control of the companies in our portfolio.

    We are a responsible investor, abiding by the laws and regulations of China and recipient countries and conscientiously fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities.

    We pursue investments based on in-depth research within our asset allocation framework to ensure a prudent and disciplined decision-making process.

    CIC follows a set of investment philosophies, which is firmly based on its institutional characteristics and understanding of investment management:

    We take a holistic and disciplined approach to strategy design, portfolio construction and management to ensure portfolio integrity and stability.

    As a long-term investor, we are well-positioned to withstand short-term market volatilities and capture illiquidity premium.

    We continue to pursue risk diversification through spreading risk factor allocation in a bid to reduce portfolio volatility and curb downside risk.

    Investment Portfolio Risk Management