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    The IFSWF Elected President Ju Weimin to Sit on the Board


    The International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (hereinafter referred to as “IFSWF”) is a prominent global organization of extensive clout for main sovereign wealth funds worldwide, which serves as a key platform to exchange views and build consensus, bridge cooperation among peers, enhance policy dialogues with recipient countries, and advance the orderly cross-border flow of capital.

    The IFSWF, in pursuant of its articles of association, reelected its Board of Directors with a term of 3 years. The Board of Directors is the highest decision-making body of the IFSWF. Mr. Ju Weimin, Vice-Chairman, President and CIO of CIC, was elected by members of the IFSWF to sit on the Board on behalf of CIC.

    Current board members:
    Angela Rodell (the United States)
    IFSWF Chair
    CEO, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

    Obaid Amrane (Morocco)
    IFSWF Deputy Chair
    CEO, Ithmar Capital

    JU Weimin (China)
    IFSWF Board Member
    Vice-Chairman, President and Chief Investment Officer, China Investment Corporation

    Kevin Bong (Singapore)
    IFSWF Board Member
    Managing Director, Director, Economics and Investment Strategy, GIC

    Isabelle Bébéar (France)
    IFSWF Board Member
    Director of International and European Affairs, BPIFrance